Who we are

The Association of Evangelical Churches of Austria

The Association of Evangelical Churches in Austria (EGB) is a nationwide association of currently  45 Evangelical churches in all over Austria.

Founded in 1992, it is our goal through the collaboration of numerous (especially small) churches, to reach more people with the life-changing message of the Gospel.

The BEG is a member of the religious community „Free Churches in Austria“ (FKÖ) which was officially recognized by the state in August 2013.

The BEG is characterized by:

  • Autonomy of the local churches (Among other aspects this is reflected in their individual naming.)
  • Bible-centered theology (The Word of God embodies the authority that determines our teaching and our ministry.)

  • Joint decision-making (The most important decisions are made in our meetings of delegates.)

  • Church-planting (The relationship between existing churches is determined by mutual support, while at the same time new churches are being planted.)


Our guiding principle:

God has provided for us generously, therefore, as the Austrian churches, we want to join forces in order to win the people in our country and in the whole world for His name.