On March 21st, 1992, 17 churches joined forces in Traun, Upper Austria, to found the Association of Evangelical Churches (BEG), sharing a strong desire to spread the Gospel more effectively.

The churches had come to realize that their impact through sharing the Gospel and ministering to bless the local communities, was relatively small. Through a nation-wide collaboration and mutual support, the individual churches were able to increase their impact and widen their reach in their cities and communities.

From the very beginning, their particular desire was to further develop inland missions, to initiate foreign missions, to sustainably contribute to youth missions and to improve the legal situation of the Evangelical Churches in Austria.

In that matter, the association was officially registered as a religious denominational community in 1998, and legally recognized as a religious community as part of the umbrella organization „Free Churches in Austria“ (FKÖ) in 2013.

The BEG currently consists of 45 member churches and 6 churches with observer status.